August 23, 2015

Being ignorance

Sometimes, I wish that I'm an ignorance. Because you know what, those who we care the most are the ones who will hurt us way painful than those common people. 

We tend to expect to be taken care back, or loved back by the ones we love or care. But the reality is not always like what we've expected. The gap between the reality and expectation is just hurt.

Oh well, probably we shouldn't have that expectation. Love without hoping to be loved back, and care without hoping back to be cared back; or just being the ignorance...

*Sunday night madness
*I don't know what's wrong with me
*random thought

July 18, 2015

EidlFitr 1436 H

As I've written on the previous post, this year's Ramadan and Eid is kinda different, since what I have to do almost in the whole day is just staying in bed...lalalaπŸ˜’. Even in the Eid day, I didn't join the Eid pray. But still, I  get dressed while waiting the whole family arrived from the masjid, only to feel the Eid ambience. 
After the Eid pray, we usually have the sungkeman time, it's Javanese tradition to ask forgiveness and blessing to the elder. Though, it's kinda different because Im sick at this Eid, but all the tradition and annual agenda are just the same. And after all, Eid is a time to feast and gather with all your love ones. What can you ask for more..?

Aamiin Allahuma aamiin..
Please make it possible O Allah SWT.

And below are our family portrait, sending a warm Eid greeting for all of you..

This is complete version of the family. Thanks to the camera, the timer, and the tripod. One of my wishes every year is hoping that next year, there's one or two additional member(s) of the family. Aamiin Allahuma aamiin..

Mom & Dad with their three daughters. They are the best parents in the world. May Allah SWT always protect them, give the health, happines, and blessing.

The sister; both of them are my bestest friends, my number one supporters, and my first line defenders. I love the much. May Allah SWT always love you much too...❤️

July 16, 2015

The Eid ambience...

Eid will come so soon; yay! Since tomorrow will be the Eid, the feast day of all moslems. But for me, the feeling is just so unlike what I've used to have. Well, Im not blaming my sick, but more or less, this is just the cause. This sick has ruined my Ramadan and also my Eid plans.
Despite all the gloomy I have, let's just enjoy the Eid. The smell of Mom's cook is so mouthwatering. All family members have gathered here. Though I have to stay on my bed... I hope this is gonna be the blessed and wonderful Eid too..


And please not forget to make sweet family picture again..

Have a great Eid ambience dear friends..

July 14, 2015

Oh, red velvet!

So craving for this sweet. This is like de ja vu, at my last typhoid fever, I also craved for this, and get one after I've recovered. I hope someone just be kind to send me one.. *berkhayal* 
Oh well, why am I so random tonight...? *jedang*

July 6, 2015

The big brother

A shocking news this morning, a good friend has passed away. Though I know that he's in his recovery after stroke attack around a month ago, but still the news is so shocking.
I feel a deep loss, and remember all the good old days we spent together back then..
Innalillahi wa innaillaihi rojiun..
May Allah SWT grant you jannah Bang..
Accept your good deeds and give mercy on ur mistakes..

"Even abang selalu bully aku, sampe aku pengen nangis..
Puas ngetawain aku, sampe aku bete..
Nelepon/gedor kamar aku minta makanan..
Maksa aku belajar bagian zeminya abang dan jawab setiap ada pertanyaan dari sensei..

But you are always be the big brother..

Yang selalu rempong ngurusin ini itu..
Yang mau nungguin aku di gang kalo aku pulang kemaleman dan takut gelap..
Yang pasrah kalo aku lagi jutek dan nyinyir.."

Thank you for everything...
Thank you for always being the bih brother for me and all friends...
*sedihnya ih 😭😭😭😭